Hi, I’m Patty Gerstenberger, and I am excited that you are considering an adventure with coaching.  I have always loved to encourage, exhort, and challenge others to live out their best.  My biggest breakthrough came when I asked for help. Inviting others into my life has brought me strategic purpose and genuine accountability.  I believe I can do the same for you!

My vision is to help you reach your goal.  By strategically helping you clarify what you want, we can map out the road to achieve success.  Coaching allows you to decide how to get there, reveal the road blocks, and commit to realistic steps to work towards your goal.  I do not “tell”, “suggest”, or “counsel” you, but rather ask you powerful questions that will provoke your vision.

I have been married to my best friend, Roger, for over 25 years.  We have three boys and a daughter-in-love, who all love adventure!  We live in Spokane, Washington and have many plans for camping across the United States.  Our favorite place (so far!) is pitching a tent on Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons.  

I am a leader, coach, speaker and consultant.  Investing in yourself will not only give you the breakthrough you desire, it will empower your life.  Whether you, your employees, friends, or family are at a place ready to make a change, let’s connect and start today!