The best way for you to see what coaching can do for you is to read the personal examples of my clients.  Real people with real struggles, who have taken the step to ask for help in finding the path to reach their goal.  The best part?  Every single one of these people received more than they came for-clarity, transformation, fulfillment and connection.  We work together to create steps that lead to the catalytic shift.  This could be you!

I was in a transition place in my life, felt frustrated and “stuck”. Patty’s integrity, care, and honest perspective made coaching with her a perfect choice. Her approach helped me identify and address the most crucial areas of concern in my life. She had invaluable techniques to guide me and cause proper self-reflection and discovery, allowing me to take ownership in the process with confidence, and reach far beyond my desired results. The entire process helped me see things I wouldn’t have recognized on my own and propelled me to a new place in my journey that I couldn’t even visualize before my experience with Patty. I’m so thankful!
– Carissa

“In June of 2018, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.   Suffering has a way of transforming your life, and I saw this as a gift, an opportunity for change.  I no longer wanted to live my life the way I had before I was diagnosed.  I struggled with where to begin and felt stuck.  I didn’t know much about Life Coaching, but I knew Patty and I trusted her.   It’s hard to put into words what took place over several months of working with Patty. Honestly, God did more than I could ask or imagine in a relatively short amount of time.  I have been set free from lies I believed about myself and others.  I saw courage replace fear, and it was transforming.   I learned so much from working with Patty and I will be forever grateful for her wisdom, encouragement, and desire to see me set free.  
If you’re stuck and desire change but don’t know where to begin, I would highly recommend Life Coaching with Patty!” 

– Christy

“I was skeptical about life coaching, but Patty quickly got my thinking on track.  Her coaching techniques were never overwhelming, but were direct and to the point.  I feel coaching helped in several ways to get my life back in order.  She helped me realize my circle of influence is much different than my circle of concern.” 
– Ken

“Patty is incredible!  I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking a spiritual guide and someone who will encourage you toward meeting your goals.  She helped me define what I was truly seeking and provided the guidance and support to get me there.  Patty helped me at probably one of the biggest transition times in my life and I am forever grateful.”
– Rachel 

I needed a life coach to walk me through this season, give me objective feedback and perspective, and hold me accountable. Patty Gerstenberger is incredibly wise and sensitive to God‘s Spirit. She is who I needed to hold my hand, as I walked toward health.  She is professional, confidential, and honest. Patty’s heart is big, and she has an ability to see amazing things in people and draw them out. I experienced this first-hand, and I highly recommend her as a competent life coach.
– Melody