Crosspoint Coaching offers a variety of packages.  The first session is 90 minutes and the remaining are 50 minutes each.  

Every package is created around the specific needs of each client Meetings can take place in person, at the office, or on a phone/Zoom appointment.  Our time together offers strategies, accountability, and encouragement that will allow you to reach your goal.  

Leadership Coaching

Successful leaders are more prone to isolation, and have fewer avenues to process areas of leadership challenges. Coaching brings increased self-awareness, honest self-knowledge, revelation of motives, and powerful relational tools.  This process will empower you to honestly assess yourself and give you the tools for achieving results.  Leadership coaching is for dynamic leaders who are ready to take their influence to the next level and develop a path toward higher management skills.  These tools include conflict resolution, communication assessments, and strategic relational skills that will lead to a stronger vision and energized organization.  The goal is resiliency, stress management, interconnection, and wellness.

Life Coaching

Healthy people desire to move forward in achieving personal goals.  Using specific skills and strategies, we will work together to create steps leading to the accomplishment of your desired goal.  This package is offered to individuals and groups who are motivated to make the necessary changes to bring transformation.   The vision is to not only hit your target, but to give you the tools that will empower you in every area of your life.

Relational Coaching

Why are people so complicated? Why am I so stuck?  Any relationship can have either a positive or negative impact on you.  We all desire connection, but what if it is just not happening?  Relational coaching will help you take an honest assessment of yourself, evaluate the relationship, and define what you desire.  This type of coaching is focused on family, friends, work, and ministry.  The goal is to developskills that will not only enable you to make changes, but also create the bridge to reach maximum relational connection.